BSL Bites

Ok, so I have to admit that I am an obsessive planner. It is crazy difficult to “fly by the seat of my pants”. I am a reservation maker, vacation activity researcher, monthly dinner menu creator. It drives my loved ones and friends insane at times, but keeps me organized. In the end, I am the one who deals with the day to day running of the household, so if it makes my life easier, so be it!

That is why it would test my patience on a daily basis when time for breakfast, snacks, or making school lunches. Dinner is a non-conversation. We are having what I put on the monthly menu. No questions posed to the family. They ask “What’s for Dinner” and I tell them. It’s that simple. The other times during the day are much different! The conversation goes like this:

Me: What do you want for breakfast?

Kids: What do we have?

Me: Well…we have…(go on to list options)

Kids: Um…um….I’m thinking

Me: (Head is exploding!!)

This happens after school when having a snack and when we are making lunches for the next school day. I was going nuts. My husband, who thinks this is all extremely amusing, finally looks at me and makes a suggestion. He points out that they don’t get a choice at dinner, so why do they get a choice at any other time of the day? He has a point and although I don’t think it’s necessary to limit their other food choices to one single item, I was easily able to get on board with a few choices for breakfast, a few for snacks, and a few for lunch mains. When I plan the monthly menu, I also plan the breakfast, snack, and lunch bites of the month. I write them on notecards and post them on the refrigerator. Now, the kids head to the cards, make a choice, and we move on. So much easier! The kids enjoy the variety I try to build in and the seasonal fun items I include. It also makes grocery shopping easier. I just make sure to replenish what is getting eaten each week. It makes my brain happy!


So today, I share the first month of Plan-it Mom’s BLS Bites. Some require some prep. Some do not. All are easy and fast. Enjoy!