Frozen Party

“Snowflakes are one of nature’s most fragile things, but look at what they can do when they stick together.”


When the time for the Winter Holiday party rolls around, I often think of the symbols of the season.  In our North Carolina town, snow is not found in abundance, but is certainly dreamed about by all of the kids hoping for a snowday.  This party celebrates snow and all that is frozen using the Disney movie “Frozen” as its inspiration.  I found many great ideas out there and collected the ones that I felt would create a great party for the classroom.  Pick and choose what you want to use based on how much time you have for your party.  The links will take you to directions, printables, and purchasing sources! Have a chilly, good time!

Occasion: Holiday/Winter Party

Theme: Frozen Party

Age: k-3

Time: 1-2 hours depending on number of activities chosen and factoring in lunchtime.


Party Supplies:


Using chopsticks to pick up marshmallows!

Using chopsticks to pick up marshmallows!



  • Frozen (to be played while kids eat lunch)

** If students finish lunch early, they could work on the Frozen song lyric scavenger hunt)

 Read Aloud: Snowmen at NightAmazon

Teacher Gift: Snowman Hat decoration filled with donated gift cards – Scrapashopaholic

Teacher gift Go-With...fill top hat with gift cards!

Teacher gift Go-With…fill top hat with gift cards!